New to Waterdam Church?

Welcome to Waterdam Church

Every encounter with Jesus Christ, whether the initial encounter of salvation or the continued sanctifying encounters in a believer’s life, leads a person toward transformation into the image of Jesus Christ.  The Lord has given this transformational ministry to His Church. At Waterdam Church, we seek to accomplish this mission by focusing on the three essential purposes of:

  •  Intimacy with God,
  • Community with One Another
  • Impact in the World with the Gospel

Intimacy with God

Your first connection to life and discipleship at Waterdam Church is one of our weekend worship services. Our services are a blend of contemporary worship with an emphasis on preaching and teaching of Scripture.  Believers are transformed into the image of Christ as they build close, personal relationships with the Lord and live a life more fully devoted to Him. Scripture gives us three means of developing intimacy with God.  Worship, Bible study, and prayer.

(Our goal is to have a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ)

Community with One Another

To continue, you should next connect to a small group either on Sunday mornings, or one of our home groups. We believe true transformation takes place in community with “one another”.    To be in community means to belong to one another.  The Church is a spiritual union of believers, bound by the Holy Spirit into one Body.  Every member of the Body is a part of every other member, brought together for the purpose of mutual edification, building one another up into strong, mature, and faithful followers of Jesus Christ so that together we are transformed into the image of Christ. Our capacity to love others is expressed through fellowship and ministry “spurring each other on to love and good works”.

(Our goal is to be growing in our commitment to the Body of Christ)

Impact In the World With the Gospel

Finally, we reach out to the world around us through evangelism and service.  As we share the Gospel, and perform acts of service, it is our desire that people will see Jesus in us, hear about Jesus from us, and be drawn to God’s saving grace. It is to have hearts full of compassion, to be able to recognize the needs of hurting people and to be actively involved in meeting those needs wherever possible as the Lord gives us the means and the ability.  We serve because we love people and because we want people to know that God loves them too.

(Our goal is to be growing in our commitment to the Work of Christ)