Adult Sunday School


Everyone is strongly encouraged to join a class because we believe there is great value in studying the Bible together.  No need to wait for a special time to start attending Sunday school.  Everyone is welcome!

Classes meet in the Adult classrooms in the new Education Wing.


9:00 a.m.

Book of Isaiah - Meets in Adult Room 1
Led by Russ Hummer


10:30 a.m.

Book of John - Meets in Room #1
Led by Andy Cobucci 

Beginning Soon - The Work of Christ. This study is based on the expertise of Dr RC Sprowl who made a detailed search into major events in the life of Jesus. Such topics as The Incarnation, Jesus in the Temple, The Transfiguration, The Last Supper, et al will be studied. If you are interested in a more in depth look at Jesus' work, then please join us at 10:30 am in Adult Room 1. Study will begin soon; keep watch for the date!


The following classes are led by Pastor Dan and offered on a rotating basis:


THE 101 - Meets in Adult Room #2
8 week class
Led by Pastor Dan

To establish a Biblical foundation for people craving a better understanding of the Word of God, Biblical concepts and basic theology. This class will prepare people for the Sunday Morning Adult Bible Studies and enable them to get more from the Sunday morning preaching.

If you participated in a prior 101 class, feel free to attend again, as there will be some changes.

See bottom of page for more in-depth description of class.


Welcome to Waterdam - Meets in Adult Room #2
6 week class
Led by Pastor Dan

Designed to help you learn who we are, what we believe, and how you can get more involved in the life and ministry of the church


Raising Up Godly Leaders - Meets in Adult Room #2
8 week class beginning Spring 2022
Led by Pastor Dan

Designed to challenge, encourage, and prepare men and women to use their God given gifts to lead within the church and the workforce


THE 101 - 8 week class 

Adult Classroom #2 - Led by Pastor Dan

One of the key components to our walk with the Lord is being in His Word every day. Just as our bodies groan when we lack food, we also groan in spirit when we lack the spiritual nourishment that comes from the Bible. It’s not easy knowing where to start or even where to turn next. We read in Acts chapter 8 that even the treasurer of Ethiopia had difficulties reading the Bible. His honesty was refreshing. When asked if he understood what he was reading he replied, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” (Acts 8:31). Whether we are new in our walk or have been looking to get a foundational understanding of God’s Word and how to apply it to our lives, we all need help.

To help you we are offering The 101. The 101 will establish a Biblical foundation for people craving a better understanding of the Word of God, Biblical concepts, and basic theology. This class will prepare you for the Adult Sunday Schools and help you get more from the Sunday morning sermons. The 101 is an 8-week class; each class will consist of a brief video, discussion, Q&A, fellowship, and laughter. We will be using curriculum from Community Bible Study and focusing on The Bible: God’s Amazing Book. Each week we will focus on how to make the Bible part of our lives.

Week One – Introduction

Week Two God’s Amazing Book – Why care about a 2000 year old book and why is it relevant today?

Week Three Letting the Bible Speak – Getting to know and understand His book.

Week Four God Speaking in the Old Testament – History, wisdom, and prophesy.  Let’s put it together.

Week Five God Speaking in the New Testament – Jesus, the exact imprint of the nature of God.

Week Six When God Speaks Hard Things – Difficult issues within God’s Word.

Week Seven God’s Big Ideas – Overarching themes and ideas throughout the Bible.

Week Eight Meeting the Author – The relationship with the Father.

Please join me. Over eight weeks will we learn about God’s Word, the saving work of our Lord Jesus, and the Spirit that lives in His people. Feel free to bring a friend!

In Christ, Pastor Dan