Our Vision

Our Mission:

Every encounter with Jesus Christ, whether the initial encounter of salvation or the continued sanctifying encounters in a believer’s life, leads a person toward transformation into the image of Jesus Christ.  The Lord has given this transformational ministry to His Church.  At Waterdam Church, we seek to accomplish this mission by focusing on the three essential purposes of Intimacy with God, Community with One Another, and Impact in the World with the Gospel.

Our Purposes:

Believers are transformed into the image of Christ as they build close, personal relationships with the Lord and live a life more fully devoted to Him. Scripture gives us three means of developing intimacy with God.


As followers of Jesus Christ, and as the Body that claims Jesus as our head, we the members of Waterdam Church seek to live in absolute obedience to our Lord.  We believe that this obedience involves actively pursuing the three purposes of Intimacy with God, Community with One Another, and Impact in the world with the Gospel.  And it is the pursuit of these purposes that enables us to fulfill our mission of transforming lives through Jesus Christ.