Hospitality Ministry

Board Member: Josh Gossner
Leader: Cindy Cowie


HOSPITALITY MINISTRY includes Events, Funeral Luncheon, and Café teams. The Hospitality Ministry Team invites you to chose an area of service to assist with ministering to others in our church. There are now three specific teams formed to complete this ministry.

  1. Funeral Ministry Team. This team will allow us to care for families of the church by serving Funeral Dinners while providing support and love during their time of loss.
  2. Event Ministry Team. This team will focus on traditional dinners held in the past as well as consider new ideas for events such as Chile Cook Offs, Theme Dinners, and Potlucks which will allow the congregation additional times to enjoy fellowship and fun times together.
  3. Cafe Ministry Team. This team will offer Sunday morning food experiences not yet seen at Waterdam. The plan is to start slowly but to grow this team to include groups known as the “Brew Brothers” or the “Cafe Sisters” who can assist with specialty coffees, breakfast items beyond what has been traditionally offered utilizing our new commercial kitchen now available for use.

If you are interested in serving on these teams, please contact Cindy Cowie at [email protected].